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Lee Cover

Friday, October 21, 2016

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry includes a large range of dental procedures that seek to improve both the appearance and function of the teeth and gums. Some of the most common dental procedures include bonding, dentures, dental bridges, and crowns. An Irving Texas dentist such as Rana Lee, DDS can determine what procedures will benefit each patient and their oral health situation the most.

More About Restorative Dentistry Procedures
Perhaps the most popular restorative dentistry procedure is a bridge. They are used to replace missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. The patient’s existing teeth are used in order to create a bridge that crosses the area where teeth are missing. These bridges are made of metals, gold, porcelain and alloys, making them strong and durable for many years to come.

The process of creating this dental bridge begins by placing abutments on existing teeth where the bridge is later placed. The existing teeth are recontoured to provide a base for this bridge. After the abutments are made, a mold is taken of the teeth and sent to a professional dental lab. The lab uses this mold to create a bridge that fits properly in that patient’s mouth. The bridge will have two crowns on either end to place on the abutments themselves.

A temporary bridge is used until the lab returns the permanent one. This will protect the abutments as well as the exposed gum. When the permanent bridge is ready, a follow-up visit is made to set the bridge into place with an adhesive material. Soft foods are advisable when adjusting to the bridge. To schedule an appointment today in order to discuss your restorative dentistry procedure options, call 972-790-5055.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dental Crowns

If you have an extremely discolored tooth, one that is weak and needs to be held together, or are looking for other cosmetic services to restore and enhance the appearance of your teeth, visit our Irving, TX dental office to see if crowns are the right option for you. We can create the perfect dental crowns to fix any of these dental concerns.

Reasons to Get Dental Crowns
Our Irving, TX dentist, Dr. Rana Lee, DDS, PA, recommends crowns for:
  • Replacing large fillings where there isn't enough remaining tooth.
  • Protecting a weak tooth from getting fractured.
  • Attaching a bridge.
  • Restoring a fractured tooth.
  • Covering a dental implant.
  • Covering a root canal treatment.
  • Covering a poorly shaped or discolored tooth.
There are various types of materials that crowns can be made of. These include ceramics, metal alloys, composite resin, porcelain, or a combination of any of these. While creating your crown, the material is usually colored so that it matches your natural teeth color.

The Dental Crowns Procedure
It usually takes a couple days for Dr. Lee to properly install your dental crowns. During your first visit, she examines your tooth or teeth to ensure it can support the crown properly. On your next appointment, she files your tooth down preparing it for your crown. If it is severely broken or damaged, she fills it first to make it big enough to receive the dental crown properly.

Contact our office at 972-790-5055 if you have a tooth or teeth that you are not happy with and think that dental crowns might be your answer. Dr. Lee is happy to sit down with you and discuss your plan of treatment for a better looking smile.